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Wolf Husky Puppies
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Born: July 5th 2014

Pictures are at 7 weeks old

All puppies from this litter are sold!

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Flash Boy SOLD
Price: $750
  Lexi Girl SOLD
Price: $750
  Ace Boy Sold
Price: $750
  Dyre Girl Sold
Price: $750








Frosty Boy Sold
Price: $750
  Izzy Girl Sold
Price: $750
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  Our Granddaughter with Mia



Email us with any questions on Puppy Availability.

Our puppies are NOT CKC & UKC Registered Wolf Dogs, these registries do not verify your animals parents and or grandparents, currently there is no true club that will recognize wolf dogs as a breed and class of its own. Except in the UK.

We update this page weekly. Anytime you need more pictures or mid week updates please feel free to ask us!




Aspen and Loki